DEMUN™ Pistol Crossbow Series


A precision, high velocity, break-action pistol crossbow from the original pistol crossbow pioneers, since 1976.


Demun™ Accu Strike

The Demun™ AccuStrike - a potent combination of power and versatility. A recurve handheld crossbow that combines Barnett’s modern day crossbow innovation within a compact, easily maneuverable pistol style design. The AccuStrike offers a smooth, single stage break action cocking mechanism for quick and efficient reloads, reinforced parabolic R60 limbs and a deadly accurate, adjustable fiber optic pistol sight. The flip down tactical foregrip ensures a rock steady platform as you take aim, poised to release 7” Demun™ Hyperbolts downrange at speeds of up to 190 feet per second. Eye your target, take aim and unleash the Demun™.

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DEMUN™ Pistol Crossbow Series

Break-Action Reload

Smooth and steady, one-stage, break-action cocking design for quick and efficient reloads.


Break-Action Design

One push of the cocking release lever and your are ready to reload, using the Demun’s smooth and steady, single stage break action design. As you complete your reload the Demun’s safety switch automatically enages keeping your pistol crossbow trigger locked down and secured until you are ready to take aim.


‘Flip-Down’ Foregrip

The Demun’s ‘Flip-Down’ Tactical Foregrip provides both versaitlity and stability, with the option of being used as a traditional palm grip or flipped down to transform your shooting position into a rock steady ‘AR’ style platform. Our signature diamond knurled texture ensures a firm hold on your crossbow as you take your shot.


Pin-point Precision Sights

Pick your moment and lock in your target each and every time with the lethal combination of a picatinny rail mounted, rear adjustable fiber optic sight, that perfectly aligns with a front mounted fiber optic sight - working together to ensure pin-point precise crossbow bolt placement as you send them downrange.


Cocking Thumb Grip

Attention to detail doesn’t only need to look good, it needs to feel good too! The Demun’s soft touch, textured TPE Cocking Thumb Grip puts both safety and comfort first and enables a solid, grip in the optimal position on your pistol crossbow, allowing you to smoothly and steadily activate the break-action cocking mechanism.


HyperBolt™ 7-3F Bolts

Customize your Demun Hyperbolt™ crossbow bolts with Barnett’s unique screw tip system. The Hyperbolt 73F features a threaded target point as standard for the easy application of our range of interchangeable screw tips. Opt for the Demun™ Precision Point Tip for smooth flight, durability, increased F.O.C. and easy release from practice targets. The Demun™ Vermin Broadhead Tip offers razor sharp penetration and perfect balance, whilst the Demun™ Vermin Blunt Force tip provides deadly blunt force and quick dispatch of those pesky critters!


DEMUN™ Retractable Sling

Optional Accessory

The DEMUN™ Retractable Sling is the perfect addition to your ACCU-STRIKE pistol crossbow. This quick detach 24’’ carry sling features a push button, retractable design that keeps a compact profile whilst safely and securely supporting your DEMUN™ ACCU-STRIKE. Just the simple push of a button and you are ready to detract the shoulder sling to your desired length, where it will lock in place and stay put whilst you are on the move.