Barnett Trade-In Program

David Barnett and his business partner proudly repurchased Barnett to make it a private family-owned business once again. Unfortunately, we no longer have parts / components to be able to work on various older crossbow models. Prior to the purchase of the company, the pandemic caused a host of issues for vendors that worked on Barnett components. Older tooling and supply chain issues have caused many of Barnetts older parts to be obsolete.

To overcome these obstacles, we are offering a great trade-in offer to get you into a new Barnett crossbow. We have listed the crossbows that are eligible for our trade-in program below. If your model Barnett Crossbow is on the list, we are offering you a 30% off trade-in on our current crossbows.

Please follow the steps below to trade-in your Barnett Crossbow.

  1. Check the list of Barnett crossbow models that are eligible for our trade-in program.
  2. If your model is eligible for our trade-in program, email us at Please note, this email is a holding inbox and there will not be a response or RA # provided at this time. Once your bow has been received into our facility, an email will be sent regarding the next stages of your trade-in.
  3. Please email us the following information. Your first & last name, street address, phone number and email address. Please let us know the crossbow model that you are trading-in. It will help us to track your crossbow if you use the Serial Number found on the underside of the pistol grip as the subject header. If you can not locate your serial number just note that in the email.
  4. Send us your trade-in. Box up your trade-in and ship it to; Barnett Outdoors, Attn; Trade-in, 955 Live Oak Street, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689.
  5. As soon as we receive your trade-in crossbow, we will email you a discount code to apply at checkout on our website for the purchase of a new Barnett Crossbow at 30% off. This cannot be used in conjunction with any sale items.

Please note that during hunting season our customer service team is very busy helping customers. Wait times can be long. We have implemented the trade-in program with a unique email address, to make this process as seamless and quick as possible. We appreciate your business and look forward to getting you into a new Barnett crossbow. Thank you for your support.

Barnett is the first and longest-standing crossbow company with a storied heritage. Founded in 1962, we are the pioneer of the modern-day crossbow. Barnett's tradition of innovation has brought about numerous "firsts" in the crossbow & archery industry for the past 60 years. Barnett innovates and supplies a broad spectrum of high-performance and value-driven crossbows, vertical and youth bows and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also the leading provider of slingshots and accessories.


  • 300 Mag
  • Commando
  • Commando II
  • Commando Recurve
  • Defender
  • Delta Storm
  • Demon
  • Ghost
  • Ghost 400
  • Mag-Cat
  • Panzer
  • Panzer II
  • Panzer V
  • Phantom Jr
  • quad 300
  • Ranger
  • Ranger II
  • RC-150
  • RC-300
  • Revolution
  • Revolution AVI
  • Revolution XS
  • Rhino
  • Rhino Classic
  • Rhino Quad
  • Rhino Recurve
  • Rhino Sport
  • RX-150
  • RX-280
  • Spirit
  • Supreme
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunderbolt II
  • Trident
  • Wildcat
  • Wildcat II
  • Wildcat III
  • Wildcat XL
  • XT-1 Recurve
  • XT-2 Recurve
  • Gamestrike
  • Zombie
  • DOA 2015
  • Quad AVI
  • Wildcat Extreme
  • Penetrator
  • Quad 400
  • Wildcat C5
  • Predator
  • Predator Lite
  • Vengeance
  • Hellcat
  • Ghost 350
  • Ghost 410 Carbon
  • Headhunter
  • BCX
  • Buck Commander
  • Ghost 385
  • Wildcat C6
  • Ghost 415 Mono
  • Ghost 360
  • Kryptonite
  • Vengeance Carbon
  • Razr
  • Ghost 415
  • Ghost 410
  • Raptor Reverse
  • Vicious
  • Revengeance