Centershot™ Recurve Bow
Centershot™ Recurve Bow
Youth Archery

Centershot™ Recurve Bow


Share the shooting sports with a youth recurve bow from Barnett! A great fit for any young archer, the Centershot™ Recurve features a true ambidextrous shoot-through riser. This feature keeps the arrow centered on the riser so arrows won't fall off. It's a truly no fuss youth archery set that's safe and easy to use; just the way a first bow should be. The Centershot Recurve comes with soft-touch finger rollers, adjustable sight pin and arrow rest already installed, plus two arrows and a quiver to get them on their way. It's incredibly lightweight so young archers can handle it easily and feel just like one of the big kids!
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Centershot Riser


Youth Arrows

Technical Data


Dimensions: 2.38" x 8.50" x 45.50"

Length: 2.38"

Height: 45.5"

Product Weight: 1.25 lbs

Age Range: 5 and up

Draw Length: 15-22"

Draw Weight: 15-28 lbs


True ambidextrous shoot-through riser

Easy to use

Fits most young archers

Soft-touch reinforced grip

Mossy Oak Bottomland camo wrap

Integrated arrow rest

Soft-touch finger rollers

Built-in adjustable sight pin

Limb Tip-to-Tip Length: 44.5"

In The Box

Centershot™ Recurve Bow

Two 28" Arrows

Hip Quiver