The Perfect First Crossbow.

Perhaps the easiest to use crossbow ever made. The perfect combination of size, weight and ease of cocking make this the perfect choice for anyone looking for a crossbow that suits youth, women and men. Built to be fun to shoot, yet lethal to hunt with.

Recruit XP™
Recruit XP™
Recruit XP™
Recruit XP™
Compound Series

Recruit XP™


With a 330 FPS rating, the Recruit XP, sends arrows at speeds that rival the best top of the line vertical bows in a package that is easy to be pinpoint accurate with. The light 125 lb. draw weight is reduced by half when cocking with the included rope cocking device making this bow possibly the easiest to draw crossbow on the market. The lighter draw weight aids in the longevity of the Recruit XP making it a workhorse for countless shots. If you’re looking for your first crossbow or your last crossbow, look no further than the Recruit XP. It’s the perfect crossbow for hunting, shooting, and training for all ages and abilities.  Topped off with an illuminated red/green red dot optic.
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3 Arrow Side Mount Quiver


Adjustable Butt Stock


Precision Textures


Safety Finger Reminders

Technical Data


Length: 35.5-38"

Axle to Axle: 13" (Cocked)

Product Weight: 6 lbs

Draw Weight: 125 lbs

Kinetic Energy: 92 lbs

Power Stroke: 13.6"

Speed: 330 FPS

Trigger Type: TriggerTech



The Frictionless Release Technology™ creates a free-floating roller between the sear and the trigger – offering a smoother, lighter trigger unlike anything else on the market. Nock sensors and anti-dry fire give you peace of mind for double the safety, and a three-pound, zero-creep release gives you confidence to make the shot. Once you go TriggerTech, you’ll never go back.

Rope-Hold™ Rope Cocking Device Groove Mechanism - (Patent Pending)

Aluminum Flight Track

Pass Through Foregrip

Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer

Adjustable Butt Stock

Quick & Easy Assembly

Crank Cocking Device Compatible

Metal Injection Molded (MIM) trigger

Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger system

in the box

Two 20” Headhunter™ Arrows

1 x 30mm 3-Dot, 2 Color Illuminated Sight

Lightweight Side-Mounted Quiver

Rope Cocking Device

Lubrication Wax